Vaizduote is a development team specializing in medical devices and diagnostics, robotic and control solutions. Our expertise is based on years of experience in the definition, development and implementation of complex technological products from concept to real life solution.

We support our customers with our expert vision and high-quality service. With a holistic view to the technology development, we take care of all aspects including R&D, D&D, documentation, risk assessment and project management.


Our Fields of Expertise


Non-invasive ultrasound-based diagnostic devices, medical electronic equipment, disposable design and manufacturing.

Robotics and Control

Medical and industrial robotic, precise controlling and sensing devices.


Automatic manufacturing and calibration equipment, custom made industrial functional testing solutions.

Industrial and consumer product solutions

Renewable energy and energy saving projects, HiFi Audio solutions, metrological systems, product design.


R&D for custom solutions

From an idea to a real-life solution. We are experienced in all stages of R&D – from feasibility testing and proof of concept, to pre-production prototype and manufacturing set up.

Rapid Prototyping

With rapid prototyping tools and modelling software in house we can offer effective rapid prototyping services. We can bring your digital model into real prototype using industrial quality SLA 3D printer in less than 48 hours.

Technology audits and testing

In depth technology review and proof of concept validation by independent experts. Tailor made functional testing equipment – imitators, moulages, test phantoms. Testing of electronic, mechanical, chemical and biological parameters.

Regulatory compliance and QA

Our team members worked with several CE marks on medical devices, implemented ISO 13485 QMS as well as prepared several FDA 510k applications. We can walk you through the regulatory pathway.

Project management

Our team has a track record of successfully implemented R&D and Clinical projects funded by European Commission, National programs, NASA.


We have real experience and real lessons learned behind us. We do understand that no one can be expert in all the fields that’s why we value our partners. We are looking forward to join projects where our expertise could add value.

MedTech projects

TBI Care

Evidence based Diagnostic and Treatment  Planning Solution for Traumatic Brain Injuries.

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Scientific Research and Development of innovative evidence based non-invasive brain monitoring solutions for neurological and TBI patients.


Development of a new, non-invasive absolute Intracranial Pressure measurement device based on ultrasound Doppler technology.

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Robotics projects

Brainsafe II

Development of a Novel Autonomous Non-Invasive Absolute Intracranial Pressure Measurement Device Based on Ultrasound Doppler Technology.

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Industrial projects

Renewable energy projects

Control and power electronics of Wind power station.

Renewable energy projects

Water level monitoring and alarm system of Hydro power station.

NSBRI overview of SPACECOT
Admin | 26 September
Dr. Dorit Donoviel gives an overview of SPACECOT (Studying the Physiological and Anatomical Cerebral Effects of CO2 and Tilt) an international space biomedical
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Brainsafe II
Admin | 26 September
Development of a Novel Autonomous Non-Invasive Absolute Intracranial Pressure Measurement Device Based on Ultrasound Doppler Technology.View Online Brainsafe
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Arminas Ragauskas (Lithuania) - Ultrasound to safely measure brain pressure
Admin | 25 September
Prof. Arminas Ragauskas (Lithuania) Finalist for the European Inventor Award 2016.
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